G.O.A.T. Class of 2023

Class Day Celebrations

Sarah Hester, Editor

The class of 2023 celebrated their class all together on Friday, May 5th, 2023, one last time before graduation. The class day ceremony began with the traditional final roll call. Maleah Behrens’ class day name was Maleah “Yes I’m 6 foot and no I don’t play basketball” Behrens. “My whole life, I’ve been known as the tall girl and basketball coaches have been trying to recruit me since middle school so I thought it would only be fitting to end my official school day with a full circle moment of my most noticeable characteristics,” Maleah laughed, “Plus, I thought my name was funny and I love to make people smile and laugh.” The seniors dressed in jerseys as part of their class day theme. Susie Moysh described, “We are also the Jordan year! So it was cool seeing students in jerseys and having a better time being laid back than when we are all dressed up!” Seniors created songs and skits as they reminisced over their fondest and funniest memories over the years. Tayler Coffey mentioned his favorite memories with the class of 2023 have been at football games, “I loved how much support and enthusiasm we had, as well as the people that have been on the field with me since I was a little kid.” Students watched and looked at pictures of them from when they were younger. Mason Ford states, “I will miss the people. I will miss the smiles, the laughs, the hugs, helping people in general.” There are many things that the class of 2023 will miss about high school, however, the students can’t wait to begin the adventures to come after graduation. The class of 2023 ended their class day by singing their favorite song together. Ford concludes, “Thank you LHS for an eventful 4 years. I feel like my life would not be the same without this school, its experiences, and its people. I love LHS and will always represent it with pride.”