LHS Welcomes Sadie the Therapy Dog

Sarah Hester, Editor

LHS 11th and 12th grade counselor, Mrs. Raegan Ellen, will be bringing a therapy dog to LHS! Sadie is Mrs. Ellen’s certified golden doodle therapy dog. Sadie has been hard at work training to be a certified therapy dog since December of 2021. She attended the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy training course, AKC Canine Good Citizen training course, and lastly, the Therapy Dog International training course.  She was tested on the many skills she learned during the training courses. Sadie successfully passed her final certification test and cannot wait to begin her job at LHS!

She lives with Mrs. Ellen and her family. Sadie will have many jobs here at LHS! She will assist with de-escalation techniques, participate in social skills group, and individual counseling sessions for worry and anxiety. Sadie will also happily be greeting students and welcoming new students. Mrs. Ellen describes her excitement, “I am so excited for our school to get this opportunity. This has been my goal since last October when we welcomed her into our family. Now she gets to be a part of our LHS family too. This is going to be a mutually beneficial environment for both Sadie and the students. Both Sadie and the students are getting to socialize.” Mrs. Ellen concludes by saying, “I’m excited to implement the added benefits of sharing a therapy dog within our school.” Sadie is expected to begin her job as a therapy dog as early as next week, December 12th. The goal is for Sadie to be at LHS every day; however, she will not be at school on the days that her and Mrs. Ellen have trainings and meetings. Sadie is very excited to be a part of the LHS faculty. Sadie got her yearbook picture taken on picture day. Students and faculty cannot wait until Sadie gets to the LHS family!