58th Annual Queen Pageant

2022 LHS Annual Queen Pageant

Saniaa Williams, Journalism 1 Student

Lonoke High School held its 2022 Annual Queen Pageant on Thursday, January 6, 2022. The pageant was coordinated by Jenna Brush, LHS Yearbook advisor, Journalism, and English teacher. The pageant was also assisted in coordinating and setting up by the LHS Yearbook staff. The Yearbook staff would like to thank Ms. Brush, the MC’s (Jessica Harbour, LHS History teacher, and Caroline Groustra, LHS Science teacher), the Escorts (Jamarrion Jackson, Spencer Pepper, Ayden Rowton, and Weston Wicker), the 2021 Reigning Queen (Kendall DePriest), and the judges. The pageant consisted of 22 contestants who proudly represented their clubs, teams, and other organizations within the school. The pageant consisted of Clubwear and Formalwear. Miss Congeniality went to contestant number 13, Lesley Moody, senior representing the National Honors Society. Fourth Runner-Up went to contestant number 7, Graison King, senior representing Senior High Cheer. The third Runner-Up went to contestant number 12, Callie Shelton, freshman representing Junior High Cheer. The second Runner-Up went to contestant number 8, Kallie Young-Raper, senior representing LHS East. First Runner-Up went to contestant number 9, Alexis Rudder, junior representing Journalism. 2022 Lonoke High School Annual Queen went to contestant number 3, Holly Newkirk, sophomore representing the sophomore class. Everyone looked and did amazing! Thank you to everyone who made the 58th Annual Queen pageant possible!