August Students of the Month

Coke Krablin (12).

Sarah Hester, Editor

LHS selected a student from each grade as the student of the month also referred to as SOTM. Mariana Lopez (9), Alex Whiting (10), Bradon Allen (11), and Cole Krablin (12) were selected as the August students of the month for their outstanding character and PRIDE behavior. Pride stands for perseverance, respect, integrity, dedication, and effort. High school teachers nominated a student from each grade, then teachers voted on the nominees. Many students were shocked to learn that there were students of the month and the students of the month were surprised that they were chosen. Mariana Lopez (9) stated, ¨It was exciting and I wasn´t expecting it.¨ Lonoke High School 9th and 10th-grade counselor, Alexis Ortiz, mentioned, ¨An unanticipated award was created for Zackariah Lewis, who was awarded the Random Acts of Kindness Award for being recognized while turning in a wallet with additional effects.¨ Zackariah´s kind and responsible gesture are greatly appreciated. The students were awarded a certificate, and free coupons for Taco Bell and Sonic, as well as their pictures were taken to be displayed on the school´s social media. LHS plans to award a SOTM for each grade level, each month, in addition to other awards throughout the school year. Keep up the great work LHS!