Career Building Delayed

Karla Lopez

Superintendent Jeff Senn talks about the delay of career-building and what is offered at the building. Senn stated, ¨They actually started teaching two sessions at the high school that are Medical Terminology and First Aid/Safety, but with Covid, there was a delay in the manufacturing companies and they are laying off a lot of employees. We are having a difficult time getting materials.¨ The school district is hoping that the building will be completed by the end of September. He continued, ¨This fall the business building will offer Diesel Engine Technology 1, Diesel Suspension and Steering, Medium Heavy-Duty Electronics, Diesel Truck Preventive Maintenance, and classes on the Health and Medical side. Senn talked about the benefits that it will be offering to Lonoke students by saying, ¨The building will open a lot of doors and give students more opportunities to be successful. Depending on the track you take, you could graduate with college hours, have an endorsement, or get an industrial certificate which would make you certified to go into the workforce in a particular area such as Diesel Mechanics, Industrial Technology, or the Medical field. You could also receive a CNA or an LPN position from the medical service.¨