France And Spain Trip

LHS Travels For Spring Break

Ashlyn Bryant

On March 19th, a group of LHS flew out to France and Spain. Their journey lasted almost two weeks. It was full of traveling and a lot of fun and adventure. The group was assigned a tour guide during the trip. One of their favorite tour guides name was Florence, also called “Flo” and was known for walking them through the city at a very fast pace and students coined the term “Just go with the Flo” because of this. Junior, Ashlyn Bryant, stated, “The trip was extremely fun and I loved all the beautiful scenery and architecture. My favorite part of the trip was going to see the Opera House. It was beautiful and there were paintings and statues that covered the building wall to wall.” The students were joined by a few teachers who also reported to have had a lot of fun. After visiting Paris they traveled many hours to Spain and saw castles and even went to the beach. Students said they grew to really enjoy the company of their tour guide Flo. Flo informed the group, “My favorite thing I did with the group was sitting next to them in the flamenco.” She also mentioned she’s lived in five countries…” The trip was very educational and eye opening for the group of LHS students. There were many things students had never seen before and were full of new experiences. Students stated that they would gladly go again and enjoyed it a lot.