End Of Year Stress

Tommie Gooden

Overall, high school students are experiencing a lot of stress during the last weeks of school. The final weeks of school entail many end-of-year ceremonies, activities, semester exams, and preparation for the upcoming school year. Concurrent and AP students in high school are experiencing some added stress during AP and final exam week. Many students at Lonoke High School are enrolled in concurrent and Advanced Placement classes. Sophomore, Tommie Gooden, is enrolled in concurrent Fine Arts-Visual and explained how stressful the end of the school year has been for her. She stresses, “While having my final essay, and final exam due, I also had very many assignments for high school.”  Jacob Russell is a 10th grade student is enrolled in Foundations of Healthcare and Body Structures & Functions. Russell states, “Juggling school with all the memorization of all the medical terms while the high school work was due, was a bit stressful.” Sarah Hester is a student who has been enrolled in many concurrent classes throughout her high school career. Sarah mentions, “Finals week is very stressful because you have to study for multiple exams that you have to take roughly within a 4-day window of time.” Callie Shelton is enrolled in AP World History. Shelton explains, “I am stressed because while having work in other classes, I still has to study for my AP semester test.” Overall juggling high school credit and college credit is a challenge, especially toward the final weeks of the school year. Students have to have time management, motivation, and concentration. Good luck to all of the students taking their AP and final exams!