Track Takes on State

Callie Shelton

The Lonoke Senior High track team may be small, but the talent is all there. Chauncey Johnson, Marquez Jackson Jr., and Tayler Coffey all have been qualified to go to state finals. With a season of six meets, and only two months of practice, these boys have put in a huge amount of hard work, and have achieved even greater. Chauncey Johnson is a well known discus thrower with a PR distance of 48’8ft ¾ in. When asked about his motives behind his hard work he says, “My motivation is wanting to go out there and win events for the ribbons.Tayler Coffey, a shot-put thrower, with a PR distance of 44.3ft, says that for state, “I am looking forward to experiencing what it’s like to compete at such a big sports event.” Both show thier love for throwing and improving more on their health and strength. Not only do we have strong throwers on the SH team, but we also have very fast runners. Marquez Jackson Jr, is a sprinter with a PR of 54.19 in the 400m race. Several wonder why people join track. Jackson however knows exactly why he joined. He says, “ I do it to basically prepare me for football.” Some others do it for a healthier oneself, or like Johnson who says, “I joined track because I felt I could be good at it if I took time to steadily improve at it.” Track is just as much a mental sport,  as it is physical. When asked about why they do track, and their motives for racing, Jackson had a few words regarding his motivation, “Winning…I love to win.” Like all track athletes, they are working to get better, but also to have fun. Marquez Jackson Jr. says , “If you want to join go for it, it’s fun.” With their strong dedication to the events they love, they have earned qualification for state. Help wish the track team good luck as they compete in the state meet!