LMS Anything but a Backpack


Haley Nelson

After a rough week at LMS, then came a pleasant surprise of bringing anything but a backpack day! Students showed up with trash cans, toy cars, crates, strollers, etc. When asked where the idea originated from and if there’s possibility if there will be more, Vice Principal of LMS Ms. Kelleybrew explains “I’m uncertain where the idea originated but we did this last year and again this school year. It’s a strong possibility it will happen again.” When asked as a student at LMS, what was your initial reaction when you came to school and seen all the different “backpacks?” Maci Duncan exclaims “It was very strange seeing all the different things people could come up with. After a while it became exciting to see all the things everyone was bringing and how creative some of the “backpacks” were.” The long rough week came to an end with a great prize for LMS and future days as well.