Lonoke Hosts the FCA Court of Champions Night

The FCA Court of Champions Night was held at Lonoke’s Gina Cox Center

LHS students, Cheney Dorsey (11) and Lilly Long (11) hold their arms in the air.

Maleah Behrens and Logan Bevis

On Wednesday, February 15th, Central Arkansas East FCA held the Court of Champions Night at 6 pm in Lonoke’s Gina Cox Center. This was a fields of faith event that gathered many Christian athletes together despite the risk of storms and bad weather. The night was filled with speeches, dancing to music, singing, and worshipping. Many Lonoke students gathered together and filled the bleachers with their positivity. There was a big stage and many speakers throughout the night.  One speaker was senior, Monroe Brewer. Brewer spoke about his childhood testimony and mentioned how God helped him through his hardest times. There were also tons of entertaining performances that helped to spread the gospel. The performers had lots of energy and kept the attendees invigorated through the night. Senior Logan Bevis mentioned that “the performers were very fun and entertaining.” Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Lonoke hosted a very fun night for the Christian athletes that was appreciated by the community!