Going For The Goal


The Lonoke High School Girls’ Soccer Team greets students at elementary school.

Katelyn Lake

Soccer season is finally here! The girl’s soccer team started their season off by opening doors at the Lonoke Elementary School and greeting kids as they went to school. A few of the girls voiced their opinions on how they felt about soccer starting. Lizbeth Garcia (9th) stated that she believes the season will be great she’s really looking forward to bonding with her teammates and getting better at soccer. Daniela Gonzalez (10th) said the best part about soccer is working on skills and the feeling you get when you score a goal along with making new friends. Marlen Rangel (12th)  says she thinks the team will give their best on the field and work together to get a win. Marlen is looking forward to a great season with a fantastic team! Make sure to stay updated on all the soccer news and let’s support girls’ soccer as one of the first seasons they have had in a few years!