LHS Band Students Make A Sound of Victory

LHS Band Does Well at Regional Auditions

Lindsey Hart, Writer

On January 14 2023, LHS Band competed in the Senior auditions for the Region’s clinic. Schools all over the state small and large competed. Several students did well enough  to be selected to participate with the Region IV All Region Band. Three students will represent Region IV in the Arkansas All State Auditions on February 4-5 at UCA. The schools facebook page states “This is a high honor for our program and represents the dedication and dilligence of these students.” LHS students that placed are as follows: Mary Best-First Band Second chair, All State contender; Bryce Cummings- First Band Second chair , All State Contender; Gaerryt Coffey- First Band Second chair, All State contender; Katie Knight- Second Band First Chair: Cole Krablin -Second Band Third Chair; Eli Dollinger- Second Band Fifth Chair; Juan Laura- Second Band Sixth Chair; Kristi Fraley-Alternate; Lexi Lenz- Alternate and Shayne Castleberry- Alternate. An All State Contender Mary Best (12th) states, “I feel great about the place I got. The only clarinetist in the region who beat me is the daughter of the Cabot High School clarinet director. I felt as though I did terribly on my scales so it was surely a shock when Mr. Matarazzo announced my place on the bus. The best part about tryout was my prepared audition. I didn’t make a single mistake during that half so I am grateful the nerves didn’t get a hold of me.” We definitely think that you all should toot your own horns over your accomplishments! Way to go!