Senior baseball player taking the next step to fulfill his dreams

Senior baseball player, Drake Aycock, signs with Southern Arkansas University Tech under a baseball scholarship.

Alexis Rudder

Thursday, November 10th, 2022, was an exciting day for LHS senior baseball player, Drake Aycock. Drake has been playing baseball since he was three years old, and has recently been given the opportunity to continue his baseball career at the collegiate level. When drake started receiving phone calls and offers from multiple schools from all around, he knew he had a big decision to make. His main focus was to find a school that would suit him best coming out of high school. When he got the offer from Southern Arkansas University Tech, he knew it was an easy “Yes.” Drake said that when he signed the papers, he knew that there are a lot of long practices, hard work, and difficult tasks ahead of him, but he is more than excited to take the next step and play for as long as God will allow him to.

“This sport has been my escape from all of the crazy things happening in the world,” Drake adds, “It has literally shaped me into who I am today, and will continue to shape me through my college career,” Drake said that his family is the main thing that inspires him to be better, and they always push him to be the best he can be. “They have spent so much time, money, and miles investing in me and I am ready to show them that it has paid off. “Thank you” is never going to be enough,” he adds.

Drake also exclaims that he is beyond thankful for the coaches all over Arkansas that have spent many hours one-on-one with him, correcting any flaws in his gameplay. From the peewee coaches that first showed him how to swing a bat, to the high school coaches who have helped him commit to SAUTech, he is extremely thankful for you all. Drake also wants to thank the teammates that he has gained throughout the years, past and present. He knows that he will always have guys that he can call family, and rely on because of this sport. Another shout-out goes to the city of Lonoke, for all of the overwhelming love and support that they have shown him. And last but not least, he wants to thank God for allowing him to be in this amazing position, and blessing him with the talent, skill, and attitude to take on this task. Go Rabbits, and go SAUTech Rockets!