LHS Softball is Starting Back Up!

Lonoke Lady Rabbit Softball Schedule Announced


LHS Softball Schedule

Emma Reedy, Writer

Lonoke High School is proud to announce that softball season is just around the corner. The first game starts on February 23, it will be located at the Lonoke Ball Park at 4:30 P.M. They play against Hazen for a benefit game. Softball can be very challenging but teamwork helps tremendously. “My favorite thing about softball is being able to play with teammates and coaches,” Kali Williamson, 10, commented. The team has worked hard to get where they are. Some players expanded on this. Junior Ashlyn Bryant said, “I like how it feels to catch a ball and have everyone cheer me on.” She continued with, “I think we could make this season better than last year by working more together.” LHS can’t wait to see the Lady Rabbits Softball Team play another great season.