Lady Rabbits Going 5-1

Rebound and Bounce Back Strong

Haley Nelson, Writer

LHS Lady Rabbits went on an undefeated streak until Wednesday, November 30. Senior Pierres Chapman expresses that being undefeated is “really exciting and makes you want to go harder. I think the main reason we were able to win games is that we communicate and try to help each other when we have a mistake.” She went on to add, “I feel great about the season because my teammates know how to fight for what they want and have huge goals to reach and I plan on supporting them to help meet that goal.” Head Coach Christopher Brown presents that, “Overall we played a really good second half to Wynne but fell short. We played extremely hard the night before in a win against Beebe that took a toll on our bodies. We came out flat in the first half and gave Wynne too many easy looks. In the second half, those easy opportunities went away. Additionally, Brown said, “The difference between last year and this year is how hard we play. The girls are playing harder and enjoying themselves more. Last year’s team overall was talented but lacked drive at times. This year’s team is also much younger. We have more sophomores playing this year whereas last year we had three senior starters. This lends itself to a little higher learning curve as well. These kids are getting a taste of their first varsity action which later in the year will pay off greatly due to the experience they will have.” The SR High girls are gonna rebound and come back strong!