LHS Prepare for the Future

Michaela Kahrig

The Lonoke High School job fair was an enlightening and beneficial experience. While many students browsed the possibility for future jobs some students grabbed an application to apply to what may be their job in the near future. As students walked about the booths they got signatures from each possible employer on their “passport.” The passports when fully signed by the business such as The Grumpy Rabbit, Lonoke Volunteer Fire Department, Walmart, and many colleges were able to be turned in for a possibility of winning a multitude of prizes ranging from a $10 Sonic gift card all the way to an Apple TV. Winner of the Apple TV, James Kirk(11), when asked if he thought he would win anything replied, “Absolutely not, I was definitely surprised! It is already set up in my living room!” During the job fair, the students met with 22 different businesses. Sophomore, Cade Norton, menioned his favorite business was, “Grumpy Rabbit because it’s where I got the card from.” Cade won a $50 Grumpy Rabbit gift card. Overall the job fair was a fun and educational experience for all who attended and thank you to all of the organizations that participated in this event.