Lady Rabbits Dominate the Patriots on Senior Night

Lonoke Volleyball Wins their Senior Night Match Against Palestine Wheatley

Senior Natalie West tears up as she embraces Junior Josie Lewis.

Maleah Behrens, Editor

On Tuesday, during the break between the Junior Varsity and Varsity matches against Palestine Wheatley, the Lonoke Volleyball Seniors were honored for all their years of hard work and dedication. The valued seniors that were appreciated were Natalie West, Makala McCoy, Tyesha James, Jodi Coleman, Simiya Moseley, and Maleah Behrens. As they were announced with their families, the younger Lady Rabbits brought the seniors baskets of gifts and shared hugs with them as well. Some of the girls had speeches ready for the seniors. Alexis Scarborough, 11, told Senior Makala McCoy to “keep being herself and never let anyone keep her from being who she is.” Shakari James, 10, told her senior sister Tyesha that she was “so happy to have played with her and watched Tyesha get better as a player.” To end the senior recognition, the Lonoke Volleyball Seniors honored their biggest fan, Mason Ford. He was also given a senior basket from the girls when he was recognized for attending all of the home games this season. Senior Maleah Behrens made a speech for Ford where she stated, “he was there to write our numbers on our hands before every game, and, win or lose, he was there to high-five us after every match.” It was a great celebration for the seniors and Lonoke readied themselves to compete.

The Lady Rabbits Volleyball Team fought hard for their senior night match against the Palestine Wheatley Patriots. The first set was a clear victory for the rabbits. Lonoke led the patriots with at least a five-point differential the entire set. Senior Tyesha James was on fire and scored around ten kills from her attacks. However, the second set started in favor of the patriots with a score of 3-6. Luckily, a few great serves from Brooklynn Meredith, 10, and Lonoke’s quick offense allowed the Lady Rabbits to pull ahead to 8-6. The rabbits ended the second set with a win as well. It was clear in the third set that Lonoke was determined to finish strong for their seniors. Every player gave it their all and the Lady Rabbits quickly approached a leading score of 22-16. At this point, Coach Emily Southerland called a timeout and explained a game plan for the last few points on the home court for this season. When the rabbits had a score of 23, all the seniors were placed on the court no matter where their substitutions were located on the court. Senior Jodi Coleman played on the front row as a hitter for the first time in around three years while Senior Maleah Behrens played back row as a middle in the libero’s position. To finish the game, when Lonoke had a score of 24-16, Coach Southerland subbed in the younger Lady Rabbits for the seniors in order to represent the new future of Lonoke Volleyball. As she came off the court, Maleah Behrens remembered thinking, “This is it. This is the last time that I play a game on this court.” She could not help but be saddened at this revelation, however, she also stated, “I was so happy with how we all played and felt so incredibly lucky to have experienced volleyball in Lonoke.” The younger rabbits ended the match with a 25-17 score and everyone went wild. The student section threw up their signs while the Lonoke bleachers cheered with joy. Lonoke and Palestine Wheatley prayed together over a good night of competition and the Lady Rabbits called it up for the last home game this season. Lonoke Volleyball will begin their district tournament on Monday, October 17, against the Robinson Senators to determine their journey to the state tournament.