Rabbits take a victory against the Cavemen

The Jackrabbits pull through with a 34-21 win against Cave City.


Landon Jones

Alexis Rudder, Editor

Friday, October 7th, the Rabbits came through with a victory against Cave City. The rabbits scored within the first snap on offense, going 71 yards for a touchdown. “I was proud of how we opened the game with a trick play from Latrell Burnett to Denham Gooden.” Coach Norton says that he was proud of guys like Kaden Flowers, Pacey DeBord, and Jackson Miller. “Jackson had two huge recoveries on Cave City’s outside kicks, Pacey started at linebacker, and Kaden started at right guard for us,” Norton added. Defensively, Latrell Burnett had 19 tackles, and an interception, and really helped the Rabbits contribute to their win.

Coach Norton mentioned a few other players who shined on the offensive side. “Landon Jones, Denham Gooden, and Marquez Jackson Jr. continued to make big plays for us.” Landon Jones said he was excited to win Friday night. “Next week is going to be difficult but we’re gonna lock in and focus on what we need to.” Jones stated, “We’ll be practicing all week and working on the mistakes that we made against Cave City.” Jones is planning to correct any mistakes that he made so that he can help his team win against Heber next week, and make it closer to the playoffs.

“Winning is hard, and that gets lost sometimes,” Norton adds, “It’s never easy as just running the ball out there and playing. Lots of practice, focus, and effort go into it.” Norton said he thought his team dug in when they had to, and that’s how they pulled out a win. “We were good defensively in the first half and we had spots where we played really well offensively.”

Next week is the Rabbits’ Homecoming game against Heber. “This week is a huge challenge for us,” Norton adds, “Heber is well coached and has two really, really talented athletes that can pose some problems. Homecoming is a distraction that we will have to navigate.” Coach Norton plans to have a great week on the practice field. They are going to focus on consistency and execution during practice, and take that with them when they hit the field next Friday night.