Purple Pit goes to Cave City


Lindsey Hart

Lonoke High School students are able to sign up to ride the spirit bus to go see the Lonoke High School football team beat the Cave City Cavemen. Freshman, Mazie Crowder, said, ¨I’m excited because the purple pit is going to support the football players, and I hope we take the win.” At home games, Lonoke always has students hyping up the football team in the student section called the Purple Pit, and Lonoke wants to bring the same energy to Cave City. Since Cave City is almost 2 hours away, Lonoke High School wants to give more students an opportunity to go to this away game. Mrs. Harbour is selling tickets for $10 which includes admission to the game. Junior class student representative, Colton Amato, said, “The bus will be full of spirit and we will rock it.” You must present your photo ID to get on the bus, which will leave at 4:45 pm. Don’t forget your concession stand money. The spirit theme for the purple pit this Friday is Class Color Wars (9th-gray, 10th-white, 11th-purple, 12th-black). Let’s go show Cave City what the Purple Pit is all about!