7th Grade Winning Streak


The 2022 season of 7th-grade football has been on a winning streak ever since the first loss. Our 7th-grade Rabbits are 4-1, with a 3-game winning streak. Coach Jackson states, “I personally feel that 7th grade has competed well this year so far. As the Head Coach, it’s my job to make sure they are prepared each week for each opponent. I believe that we have a lot of good pieces and that they can grow into some really good players for the future Jackrabbits teams. The boys work hard at practice and they are really starting to build great chemistry. We still need to improve on a few things, but overall I am proud of them and appreciate the support we get from the fans. As a team, we are currently 4-1 with our only loss coming in the opening game of the season 6-0. I personally took responsibility for that loss because I felt we were better than CAC, we just didn’t execute well. Since then we have improved our scoring each, scoring a season-high 28 points last week against Harding Academy. I don’t really have a guess on the outcome for the season because we only focus on our weekly goal of going 1-0 every week. I think if they continue to improve and work hard that they have a chance to be a really special group.” Our 7th-grade Rabbits are doing great, we’ll continue to support them and cheer them on as they take on the teams left for this season!