2022 LHS Homecoming Dance

Marlen Rangel

 The Lonoke High School Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, October 15, in the LHS cafeteria from 8 pm to 10 pm, no entry after 9 pm. Tickets are $6 for a single ticket or $10 for two tickets.  Jessica Harbour, LHS student council sponsor, stated, “Since it’s only our 2nd year to hold a Homecoming Dance, I hope attendance will continue to grow from last year’s event. This year we are adding a photo booth for students to take pictures at the dance. We are also formatting the playlist in order to ensure that there is a large variety of music played during the dance and providing a method for students to submit requests during the dance. We are also allowing outside guests at the dance this year, as long as they have a photo ID and are between the ages of 15-19. The Student Council would like as much of the student body to participate as possible. If a student has questions about the dance, please feel free to ask a Student Council member.” Senior, Maleah Behrens, stated, “I expect the homecoming dance to be very fun because the student council put in a lot of thought and effort into making this dance great. They spend a lot of time coordinating details like photo backgrounds, decorations, and music, so I am very excited for the homecoming dance. This year we’ve had more time and more meetings in preparation for the dance so we were able to complete a bit more and be more prepared for this dance. I think this will make the dance more put together and show the home sweet home theme well. I think everyone should go to the homecoming dance if they can! It’s a very good experience and allows everyone to bond while having lots of fun. Anyone that chooses not to come is definitely missing out on a great time.” Junior, Kathrine Stewart, stated, “I’m expecting the Homecoming this year to be bigger than last year because more people know about it and there were a lot of good things said from last year and I’ve heard lots of people are very excited about this one. I also expect it to be a fun experience for everyone. Some things that are changing this year are we are adding some new stuff during the homecoming dance that hopefully, everyone will enjoy. I think everyone can enjoy homecoming its a time for the entire high school to get together and have some fun and make lots of new memories.” Tickets can be purchased for student council members, so do not forget to buy your homecoming dance ticket!