Lonoke High School Blood Drive


Dulce Hernandez and Haley Nelson

Lonoke High School will be hosting a blood drive on Tuesday, September 27 from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. The blood drive will take place in the parking lot by the saferoom beside the Gina Cox Center. This is an opportunity for the school to receive more scholarship money. Nurse Lawson stated,” I’m excited, it’s the first blood drive that I have been responsible for and I’m excited about the opportunity to get a lot of scholarships for all students.” In addition to this he also mentioned, “… we would like to get 50 donors, to donate blood, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.” To schedule an appointment, visit arkbi.com or call 877-340-8777. Blood Donation is a Small act of Kindness that Does Great And Big Wonders.