How do they do it?

Senior, Drelyn Clay / Junior, Juan Lara / Junior, Chauncey Johnson

Alexia Christman and Emma Reedy

The Lonoke Jackrabbits play every Friday night. During home games, there is always a halftime show, which includes cheer, dance, and band performances. The football players are able to go into the locker room to rest before the next two quarters, but some choose to play in the band with their bandmates. Senior, Drelyn Clay, says that if his team has the upper hand in the football game then he would choose to walk with the band. He states, ¨It’s not that hard to go straight to band after football because I’m good at band and football.¨

Drelyn Clay performed in the halftime show at last Friday’s game. He described it as very exciting and fun. Drelyn said, ¨Taking my pads off is definitely the hardest part because the pads are very sweaty and it sticks to my skin. I like going out there because I get to see the crowd cheering us on and it’s definitely the most exciting part. After we perform I run back to the sidelines and I have to rush to put my pads back on, it’s very difficult but I enjoy it.¨ Some Football players would rather spend halftime with their teammates because there might be information they may need to know for the remainder of the game. Chauncey Johnson stated, ¨ I would rather spend halftime with the football players because there are conversations during halftime I might need to know. ¨ He also states, ¨The more you have out on the field makes the band look better and sound better.¨ It has often been wondered by many as to how the athletes play in the game or on the sidelines and then turn around and play their instrument in the band. Many athletes say that it isn´t easy, but it is worth it and they enjoy it.