USA Pep Rally


Photo taken by Sarah Hester.

Marlen Rangel

On Friday, September 19, 2022, Lonoke High School students supported the Football team at the Pep Rally by dressing up for USA spirit day. During advisory, everyone met up at the Gina Cox Center for the pep rally in which the students, cheerleaders, dance team, etc. participated in several challenges or games. The spirit stick is a tradition at LHS in which each grade yells or makes noise. The class that has the most spirit wins the spirit stick. At the USA pep rally, the junior class walked away with the spirit stick once again. Junior, Tom Boatright, stated, “I wore American flag sunglasses, it was a very hype pep rally, but more students should be involved, we are consistently the loudest of all grades (juniors are superior).” Pep rallies are always a highlight of the senior high football team having a home game. Go rabbits!