Rabbits Takeover Bye Week

Lonoke Football Spent Off Week Learning


Chauncey Johnson, 11, Tayler Coffey, 12, and Jonathan Lewis, 12, take a picture together during the Carlisle Game.

Jameson Reed and Maleah Behrens

Last week, players from Lonoke Football went to other schools’ football games over their bye week. Some players missed out, but most had the opportunity to travel and watch. They went to games such as the Carlisle Game to watch football plays and continue learning over their off week. Players had opinions on the games that they observed. Tom Boatright, 11, stated “It was weird watching our ex-rival team playing. It was only five minutes because it got canceled, but it was still a good game. I miss playing them.” Chauncey Johnson, 11, sat in Carlisle’s student section to watch the game. He stated, “It was boring in the student section and there was no energy. I felt like I couldn’t do anything fun and it made me appreciate Lonoke’s student section.” The Carlisle game lasted barely to the first quarter and they won 14-6. The Lonoke Jackrabbits had a great chance to learn about gameplay and spirit during their off week.