Lonoke High’s Commitment to Improvement

Social Contracts Create Cultural Improvement among Lonoke High School.

Mariana Lopez, 9, writes standards for the school year with her classmates.

Maleah Behrens and Madison McNutt

Lonoke High is committed to improving the quality of education and culture in the school. During the first three weeks of school, classes created social contracts to enhance the environment. Students wrote about how they wanted to be treated and teachers commented on respecting their classrooms. Classmates also got to discuss fun treats or awards that they would enjoy in a well-behaved classroom.

While many classes wrote the contracts in their classrooms, the Envision program gathered at the cafeteria to collectively write their goals for the school year. Students created groups of six in order to go over the many ideas of their Envision social contract. Many have expressed their thoughts on social contracts as well. Mariana Lopez, 9, stated, “It’s different  because it is something new, and it feels like I have more responsibility.” She went on to add, “I enjoyed getting to set new standards for the classroom.” Classes will uphold these set standards to improve the environment of Lonoke High School for the 2022-2023 school year.