Lonoke Jackrabbits City Wide Pep Rally

Dulce Hernandez and Lindsey Hart

On Friday, August 19, 2022, the City-Wide Pep Rally took place at the Gina Cox Center. Many people were in attendance at the Pep Rally. This was the kick-off for all Lonoke fall sports. The band was there to excite the crowd, leaving the crowd to expect some exciting halftime shows from the band this year! Everyone enjoyed watching the cheerleaders performing stunts and cheers. As always, they kept the crowd hyped up! Freshman, Malaya Jones, stated, ” It was fun and I think it was better than last year because it was more cheerful.” Freshman, Lauryn Jones said,” It was very fast-paced and fun and felt like it was a good thing to bring the community together.” Lauryn also mentioned,” I expect a lot of baby power and a lot of cheering and to have fun…” Athletic director and head coach, Chris Norton, experienced his first city pep rally at Lonoke. He excitedly stated,” I thought the city-wide pep rally was great, there was a lot of excitement and energy. this community cares about our kids, they care about Lonoke- a great environment. Our kids are lucky to grow up in this community.” All of Lonoke is looking forward to a great Fall season of Lonoke Jackrabbit sports!