New Beginnings

LHS Football Begins New Season


Logan Bevis

Latrell Burnett (12), Landon Jones (12), and Tayer Coffey (12) walk on the field.

The start of the new season is getting underway and a new coach is leading the team. The Jackrabbits had their first game on Tuesday, August 14, 2022. They faced the Senators at Joe T. Robinson. No one was entirely sure what was going to happen when the Lonoke Jackrabbits faced the reigning state champions of 4A. In the first quarter, the Jackrabbits held strong and kept the Senators to a field goal ending their first offensive push. Senior, Latrell Burnett, mentioned that after the first quarter, ¨I felt like they were going to get dogged, and didn´t expect to hold on so well against state champions.¨ Going into the second quarter, the Senators scored once more, making it 10-0. The Jackrabbits came back with a 28-yard passing touchdown from senior, Landon Jones. The game carried on tense and high emotions with players going back and forth, leading into halftime with a score of 20-6 with the Jackrabbits falling behind, they knew something had to change. Coming out of halftime, the Jackrabbits struck first with junior, Bradon Allen, rushing into the endzone for a second touchdown. Junior, Tom Boatright, making a field goal, the scoreboard lit up 20-13! Shortly after, The Jackrabbit defense was on fire, fueled by the excitement, Tayler Coffey, intercepted a hand-off and ran into the endzone making the score 26-20. Now entering the fourth quarter, a second string of players from Lonoke came on the field to fight. Soon, after all the battling, the players left the field, leaving with the score 40-20, leaving the Jackrabbits in defeat. The Lonoke Jackrabbits’ season is only just beginning, so make sure to catch a game to watch their progress!