All-Region Band

LHS and LMS all-region band members attend the all-region band competition.

Karla Lopez

Saturday, March 5, 2022, Lonoke High School students attended the all-region solo and ensemble competition at Cabot South. The band students were placed in different positions regarding the competition: Kristi Fraley (11) 1st alternate, Lexie Lenz (11) 2nd band 18th chair, Katie Knight (11) 1st band 3rd chair, Cole Krablin (11) 1st alternate, Natalie Hixson (12) 1st band 5th chair, Bryce Cummings (11) 1st band 5th chair, Shayne Castleberry (11) 2nd band 5th chair, and Juan Lara (10) 2nd band 6th chair. Natalie Hixson recommends that all band members try out for all-region. Hixson stated, “It does require a lot of practice, effort, and time, but in the end, it’s worth it. Also trying out for all-region gives you more opportunities for scholarships.” All of the students had a good experience and learned a lot along the way. “It was a good learning experience and I was able to try new techniques and was able to learn things that I otherwise would not be able to learn in our band, and I got to interact with new people, ” Shayne Castleberry stated. Junior, Kristi Fraley, stated, “I would recommend for others to try out and actually attempt going since you meet a lot of new people, play with some very different instruments, and get to make some new memories.” The LHS band members did a great job at all-region. Congratulations to all who participated in the competition!