“One of the Livest Student Sections…”

The Lonoke Purple Pit was named “One of the Livest Student Sections…”

Tamyah VanBuren, Journalism 1 Student

Throughout the 2021-2022 basketball season for the rabbits, the support hasn’t been there like everyone thought it would. In the beginning, the stands were full, but after the basketball teams dominated at the Carlisle Invitational Tournament less and fewer people started showing up to the games. The question comes up often to coaches and players, what happens to the purple pit after football season is over? When asked this question, Coach Spencer stated, “The student body feels it is easier for them to gather up on a Friday night instead of games in the middle of the week. I would like to see school spirit for every sport because each sport should be equally supported.” During football season, the purple pit stands were full. Basketball players find the student body’s lack of support very frustrating. Senior basketball player, Graison King, mentioned, “Compared to how full the stands were for football season to basketball season is noticeably different. Every last one of our basketball players has been in the purple pit for most of the games if not all, and to not get the same support back is kind of frustrating.” Some players believe that if more students were present at the games, then the outcomes of the games might would be different. Junior basketball and football player, Latrell Burnett, believes, “I feel like we aren’t getting as much as we were during football season but if that were to change then some of the games would turn out different because of the momentum.”

This football season, the purple pit was recognized by FOX 16 News as “One of the LIVEST Student Sections you will see out here!” The school, the football team, the coaches, and the purple pit took great pride in being recognized. A lot of people feel the purple pit hasn’t lived up to its recognition. There is no reason that during basketball season that the purple pit still isn’t one of the livest student sections. The awesome organizer of the purple pit, the coaches, and the players can’t force people to show up and cheer on the rabbits, people should want to be there.

While everyone does have their opinion on which sport is better, whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, track, and many more. Regardless of the sport, the important thing is being there and showing support to the school, the team, the coaches, and mostly the players. Softball season and baseball season are almost here, there is still a chance to show the purple pit out once again!