One Last Ride

Lonoke 2022 Seniors Last Football Game: Bittersweet End to the Season


Alexis Rudder, Editor

Friday, November 12th, the Rabbits took on Ashdown in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the rabbits were not able to pull out the win. What a great and memorable season it has been, however, for the seniors, it was a very emotional night. Knowing it was the last time in that jersey, the last time scoring a touchdown, the last time getting yelled at by their coaches, and the last time playing on James B. Abraham Stadium football field. The sweat, tears, hard work, and determination these boys have put into this game for the past four years came to an end. Senior football player, Chaston Dockery, said his emotions as he walked off the field were just unsettled. “I feel like I let the team and community down,” Dockery says. “I hope the underclassmen saw the fire in me and that they find it in themselves when I leave. They’re gonna be a great team next year, and I cant wait to see what they accomplish.” Lonoke football has been more than a sport for most of these boys. Ayden Rowton, 12, says football did more than let him play a game. “Football helped me build character, and be a better person. It’s helped me keep my mind off other things, and I got to let my emotions out on Friday nights. It’s been my life throughout high school.” Rowton continues, “Even though the game ended, my love for the game, teammates, and community will never end. #9 out.” As the boys called it up one last time, Ayden says he was very sad to let it go, but grateful it could be on our field, and with some of his best friends. Although the boys didn’t pull out the win, they have done awesome this season! Let’s go rabbits!