Trunk or Treat

Student Council Trunk.

Trick or treat! On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the Lonoke School District held a school-wide trunk or treat. The High School had seven clubs dress up, as well as decorate their cars to hand out candy. There were a wide variety of themes, some of which included Christmas in October, Jurassic Park, Charlie Brown, and Monsters Inc. As people drove through, teachers and student volunteers handed out candy to all who came. A lot of candy was donated in order to make the trunk or treat happen. Junior, Chandler Edwards, mentioned that his favorite part about trunk or treat was handing out candy to kids. He chose to do Jurassic Park for his band trunk because it is one of his favorite movies. Some people took dressing up to the extreme. Senior, Natalie Hixson dressed up as a dinosaur as part of the band Jurassic Park trunk. Natalie expressed that she felt hot and sticky in the dinosaur costume but it was fun to see all the kid’s reactions to her being in it. All the kids had a lot of fun seeing their teachers at the annual trunk or treat. Most importantly kids enjoyed getting lots of candy. Happy Halloween!